trust us

a message from our ceo

A warm welcome from Octo Corporation. Shiny city’s n.1 company, for everything!

After the devastating success of all our other hits, Octo Corp is back with its latest solution for real urban utility; the OKTO. The OKTO is a fashionable edition to your personal agenda! With many useful accessories! And a long-term service commitment to owner/operators.

To hasten your uptake, we invite all citizens to receive a complimentary free Octo Corp CREATOR MACHINE to assemble in their own Virtual Kitchen. With creator machines assembled across the city, OKTO output will proceed!


We hope you enjoy your Octo Corporation experience. And the grave benefits.

Deep salutes,

Magnus Magnussen

Orange Circle

get your free machine parts

Octo Corp has kindly decided to issue a FREE 4-PART CREATOR MACHINE to all citizens!

Once the Creator Machine Free Mint opens with Chp. 1 of the Origins WebToon, citizens may mint the Primary Core any time.

Over following weeks, Octo Corp will then release the other three machine parts - with the next 3 webtoon chapters.

But, Oh No, we sent the Machine Parts out in random colours.
Can you assemble a Pure Color version?

Go to Get Machine for details. And read the damn Webtoon.

Primary Core Orange

build The creator machine

The Best way to get an OKTO, is build a Creator Machine.

Once the final Part #4 free mint has opened, Octo Corp will kindly let you freeze and mint your finished Creator Machine, any way you like it.
Connect your wallet at The Kitchen any time to see what machine parts you have and how they look together!
Can you assemble a PURE colour machine? Or maybe you prefer MIXMATCH style?
Or maybe just go and get the colour part you need at OpenSea.

Mint all parts for FREE while they’re open!

You Listening Citizen?

First dibs on the
Biggest discount.
+ Future Evil Benefits...
Pure Machines are a Hold.


Can purchase OKTO’s after Pure machines. Smaller discount.
No future benefits.


No benefits.
OK fine. You can still
mint an OKTO at regular price.

mint okto

Finally. A Utility Bot with actual utility.

Coming in a wide variety of fashion colours and body modes, OKTO features exciting optics, stylish headwear, very helpful gadgets and useful tentacle accessories!
Use around the house. Deploy in the bedroom for those hard-to-reach places. Eliminate neighbours. You can’t live without OKTO.
But wait, citizens. Our modus is to build this IP & story out in Anime-Cartoon form, so the universe can then be used to expand very specific evil plans.
We want all holders to join that ride. OKTO owner/operators will be part of the cartoon creation process... and could appear in the cartoon. And then some...

okto utility

Vote it out with other OKTO owners to decide what happens next, where does this world take us, who are these crazy characters!


A few hundred lucky OKTO, (alongside all Astral), will be community voted as the original OKTO featured in all future comics, cartoons & gaming.


On Sell-Out, join us backstage as we build out the cartoon with your input. Exclusive Artwork, Test Web Comics, Previews, Anime Sneak Peaks and more.

Green Arrow

evil plans

We’re not going to overpromise.
We’re not counting chickens before they’ve hatched.
But we’re pros and we’ve done this before.

On OKTO sellout, the first phase and the first full delivery is to build an anime cartoon.

The anime cartoon will be a result of a co-creation process with the community, a lot of fun, and an exclusive ride for holders.
When we’re done, OKTO’s get first-run access to a mandated series of cartoon episodes, and access to any follow-on cartoon series later too. The first cartoon is just PHASE 1 of the evil plan. We have a strategy in hand that is truly new... and our holders will love it.

Your involvement is our privilege.

The second phase will involve more content to expand the world and build it to a scale that supports and leverages a specific gaming strategy and platform, leveraging everything you’ve helped us unleash. We have hundreds of characters already in development - even more special and handsome than the OKTO; and ready to deploy to the mainstream. OKTO holders will have an unfair advantage. Your original OKTO will be a thirst trap.

We know how all of this will benefit OKTO owner/operators.
And the responsibility we have to you near term and long term.


we announce. we commit. we deliver.